We would not last more than three minutes without air, or three days without water, or three weeks without food. But most of us live long enough to accomplish incredible tasks and to experience love and joy.

Despite our failures, we take risks and aim high.

Despite our falls, we rise.

Despite despair, we move on.

Despite our instinct to roam in packs,
we still dare to live our own dreams.

And despite most of our actions being unnoticed, we still act righteously and compassionately when the world calls upon us.

Dazzling Through Chaos

Dezpyte was born in the city — home to chaos, smog, traffic, crowds, industries, competition, commerce, struggle…

But also home to an amazing spirits, abundance of energy, action, tolerance, gentleness, striving for goodness..

Most of all there is warmhearted , sympathetic, genuineness, joy, poise, harmony… and much more.

This is the home, the source of Dezpyte.

To Walk The World With....

Big heart
Free soul

Our search for these elusive elements began long before Dezpyte

The quest for these fundamental attributes to survive with a smile is mythical and at times forgotten.

But surely they are not just accessories but powerful tools needed to live a life worth remembering.

Our quest will continue with a brisky spirit until our inner souls are risen and wise.